304 North Cardinal St.
Dorchester Center, MA 02124

Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 7AM - 7PM
Weekend: 10AM - 5PM

Client Centric
Demand Oriented

Who Are We

Xiamen Shuli Group Co., Ltd. is a trading and manufacturing group that manufactures and supplies pet products, luxury paper packaging, and compostable plastic products.

Your Sourcing Agent

Connecting clients and target factories. Providing full range pet supplies and packaging products.


Your Quality Watcher

Quality control & cost control to ensure high-quality products at reasonable price.

Your Product Expert

Offering expertise on product design, market analysis, sales & pricing strategies, etc.

Your Product Solution Provider

One-stop service, combining products from multiple suppliers into a comprehensive product solution.

Your Strategic Partner

Full support to help your business grow, brand promotion, international business consulting, etc.

Our Strength

Comprehensive, One-Stop Product Solutions

Hundreds of factories on hand, thousands of products you will get to meet all your demands.
Provide product solutions that will truly help sales growth, rather than simply sell products a factory can produce.
Extra value added. Beyond supplying products, we are open to establishing strategic partnerships with our clients on brand promotion.

Efficient and Effective Communication

Understand customer service better than factories do, our focus is entirely on the customer.
Help you connect to hundreds of suppliers in China, reducing communication costs.

Quality, Risk & Cost Management

Our team members have years of experience in factories. We will help you examine a factory’s qualifications, capacity, product quality, etc.
With our assistance, you can easily compare multiple factories and their products before making your decision. We will work as your agent to perform quality control throughout the whole project.
For any incident that happens, Shuli Group will help you solve the problem and share your risk.
Flexible MOQ. Factories usually require a high MOQ to start an order. You will get flexible MOQ from Shuli Group and thus reduce the costs.

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Plastic Resin Manufacturing

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Blown film extrusion machine

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Unfolded Bag

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Folded Roll Bag